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From The Desk Of The Chief Patron

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We are passing through very trying times. On the one hand scientific and technological progress is rapidly transforming our lives but on the other hand poverty, underdevelopment and a deterioration in the quality of life is presenting a very bleak, dismal and distressing spectacle. As such, it has become an immediate imperative to address the issues of improving the quality of life for our people. Real social progress will remain a mirage if a large segment of our population remains uneducated, poor and sick. Social inequality begets all the evils that hinder development. Poverty, deprivation, violence and misery are some of its ramifications. The will to happiness is universal but in most cases, it remains a far cry because of the deep-rooted discriminations inscribed in the matrix of our social structure which engenders as well as perpetuates inequalities and disparities that runs counter to the vision of a happy and egalitarian society. Charity, knowledge and love are the three pillars on which humanity can flourish. I can describe charity in one line, and that is,” Charity is simply a division to multiply”. The more you divide, distribute and share among people, the more it multiplies in value.


The AJMAL CSR ORGANIZATIONS are the beginning of a small step towards creating awareness about the gripping inequalities which have plagued our society for so long. The Ajmal CSR organizations are optimistic that the endeavor for social empowerment of the under privileged through exemplary activities in the fields of education, environment, public health, poverty alleviation, self employment, orphans care, infirm & destitute and several other such areas will bear healthy fruits in the long run. Social change is a long and complex process; but its fruits are the sweetest. AJMAL CSR ORGANIZATIONS are such wings which are guided by the spirit of social welfare and passion for removing social disparities.


I humbly appeal to all my fellow citizens to stand by us in our mission that envisages a happy and prosperous humanity. I am quite sanguine that AJMAL CSR ORGANIZATIONS will succeed in their mission. The quintessential Ajmal approach, I believe is: “If everyone cares enough, and everyone shares enough, there will always be enough”

Mohd. Amiruddin Ajmal Chairman Ajmal Group of Companies


Heavy, incessant rainfall in Assam has once again hit the state by the destructive floods and the condition is worsening with each passing day. The floods have claimed many lives so far and many have been displaced from their homes, losing their land, belongings and sources of livelihoods. More than 1 lakh families have been affected due to flood in different districts of Assam.

Ajmal Foundation has begun its flood relief work on an emergency basis with our teams working in the field in order to rehabilitate the affected masses to the best of our abilities. Our Relief team has already analyzed the immediate requirements of the flood victims are food and shelter. As the victims have been badly affected, we sincerely appeal for an urgent assistance for atleast 15000 families and request you to kindly extend a helping hand towards the poor flood affected victims of Assam.
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