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Flood Relief

Floods wreak havoc in Assam every year, and this year has been no different. Over the years, AJMAL FOUNDATION has been identified as the most trusted and sincere friend of those battered by the onslaught of natural furies like devastating flood, cyclone and manmade disasters. Already some millions of people have been assisted so far at the time of various catastrophes including earthquake in Nepal and Gujarat, tsunami in South India, flood in Bihar, Assam and West Bengal, cyclone in Odisha and the ethnic riots in Muzaffargarh (UP) and Assam.

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Why is it so urgent?

Keeping in view the massive devastation that has been caused by the recent floods in Assam (2018), the following are the reasons why relief and rehabilitation is urgent needed:

This year, over 5.48 lakh people being affected in the deluge across six districts.
People have lost their homes and other aspects like cattle, farms etc and are living in temporary shelters; yet to be rehabilitated.
Women and children are the worst affected. Without any shelter, the children suffer the risk of malnutrition and other diseases.
Like every other emergency, the immediate requirements are food, cloth and shelter.
People affected from previous floods haven’t yet been fully rehabilitated.


How will we do it?

AJMAL FOUNDATION reaches out to the affected masses who benefit directly and many more indirectly across the flood affected region. Mobilizing man power and material resources, the project is accomplished in coordination with the local authorities. Locations are selected keeping in view the severity of the calamity in the area and the people affected. Apart from this, the people affected in the last floods, who were still residing in temporary sheds, are taken into consideration too. It also includes the people who are staying in relief camps after being forcibly evacuated by the Government agencies from their native places.

While selecting the beneficiaries, the relief team chooses the flood affected victims considering their degree of devastation caused by the flood. People below the poverty line (BPL), physically challenged, orphans and widows are given first preference. Once the beneficiaries are selected, tokens are given prior to the distribution programs in order to conduct it without any hassles. The quotations obtained from different vendors areanalyzed and a comparative statement is prepared for most cost effective and qualitative purchase. The organizing committee organizes the distribution program in a suitable location.Our team implements the project with full fervour and proper planning and execution. We provide food packets and clothes to the flood affected victims who are in deplorable conditions. The food packets usually contain rice, pulses, flatted rice, sugar, salt, tea, baby food (Marigold), milk powder and grams. Clothes like lungis and sarees are distributed among the deserving families.


What have we done in the past?

In the past, several projects have been done by AJMAL FOUNDATION regarding the relief and rehabilitation of flood victims throughout the country. In 2017, seven thousand and five hundred victims in Bihar benefitted from our project and five thousand in West Bengal. Similarly,sixty Low Cost Houses were built for the victims of the flood that occurred in Chennai in the year 2016.



Heavy, incessant rainfall in Assam has once again hit the state by the destructive floods and the condition is worsening with each passing day. The floods have claimed many lives so far and many have been displaced from their homes, losing their land, belongings and sources of livelihoods. More than 1 lakh families have been affected due to flood in different districts of Assam.

Ajmal Foundation has begun its flood relief work on an emergency basis with our teams working in the field in order to rehabilitate the affected masses to the best of our abilities. Our Relief team has already analyzed the immediate requirements of the flood victims are food and shelter. As the victims have been badly affected, we sincerely appeal for an urgent assistance for atleast 15000 families and request you to kindly extend a helping hand towards the poor flood affected victims of Assam.
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