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Winter Aid

To give an underprivileged person a pair of clothes is as good as dressing him with self-respect. Apart from clothes, there are other basic amenities of life such as blankets which are essential for survival. There are many reasons why indulging in winter aid distribution is in-deed a great deed. When you give people blankets, you give them more than a protection from the cold; you give them an ability to socialize, express themselves, and feel dignified. In fact, before we actually meet somebody, we initially “meet” his or her condition of life; they are our very first impression of someone, preceding their actual presence or behavior.AJMAL FOUNDATION takes initiatives to provide winter aid in the form of blankets to the poor and destitute people across the state and outside. It is aimed for those people who are devoid of most of the basic amenities of life and are living in extreme poverty.

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Why is it so urgent?

We should spread the warmth of our blankets every winter mainly due to two reasons:

Firstly, the access to blankets is a crucial protection from the cold. Anyone familiar with the sub continental winter is fully aware of how brutal the cold is during those months. Winter aids are especially important for homeless people because they spend much of their time outside. Accessories like blankets wear down more quickly from constant use. We take our own closet space for granted; without closets, the homeless need continuous donations from others since they can’t just stockpile clothes like jackets and blankets to keep them warm.

Secondly, blankets act as a valuable asset for protection against winter illnesses.A majority of winter ailments like asthma, norovirus, heart attack and sinusitis occur due to a weak immune system and flagging health.


How will we do it?

Under this project, we work on distributing warm blankets to the poor and destitute people, in localities where most of the masses live Below Poverty Line. The beneficiaries are shortlisted taking into consideration their economic status. They are economically weak, do not have any regular source of income and have been directly or indirectly affected by natural calamities. Our team implements the project with full fervor and proper planning and execution. A thorough survey of the affected areas is carried out in remote rural areas where the underprivileged live. They are identified with the help of local and prominent persons. Once the project is approved, quotations from known vendors are collected and comparative statements are prepared. The blankets which are available at the best market prices are selected and purchase orders are placed to the right vendors whose rates were found to be apt. A date is fixed for each site and the blankets are distributed to the beneficiaries in the presence of some known dignitaries of the society. People are more likely to accept directions from people they are familiar with and crowd control is much easier. Rush during suchdistribution programs are very common, and can ruin the whole process. Prior to distribution, tokens are provided to the beneficiaries in order toprevent rush and also to save time. Our organization maintains full transparency of each and every work done within the project framework. We ensure proper documentation with detailed beneficiary records of the defined project with time bound implementation.

What have we done in the past?

AJMAL FOUNDATION has accomplished a number of similar projects on its own as well as in collaboration with other organizations. Our organization consists of skilled personnel who are well accustomed to such works. AJMAL FOUNDATION had distributed 12500 in Assam in 2017 along with 12500 in West Bengal. Similarly, 25000 blankets were distributed in different districts of Assam in the year 2016.