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Ajmal National Talent Search Examination (ANTSE)

ANTSE, short form for Ajmal National Talent Search Examination, is a talent search examination for school and college students. It is held for students of class III and above up to Degree standard. Held annually in most of the North-eastern states and parts of West Bengal, ANTSE has gained popularity over the years as a bench mark for academic tests of excellence. Starring with a very humble participation of only 1,055 students in the year 2002, a total of 4,25,448 candidates participated in the talent search examination so far and 73,271 candidates were awarded with cash awards, certificates and scholarships. The main intention of the program is to infuse competitive spirit among students and provide an exposure of competitive nature of examinations to be successful in their attempts to civil services examination, entrance for admission in to medical, technical and management institutes of repute.

Aims & Objectives

The AJMAL NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH (ANTS) EXAMINATION has assumed significance as a popular talent search examination in North East India. The aim of ANTS Examination is to identify the extraordinarily brilliant students and to encourage them through cash awards and other incentives to further improve and hone their talents. Conducted by the AJMAL FOUNDATION, a Hojai based registered public charitable trust whose allied activities for the cause of education include award of scholarship to meritorious students, financial assistance to the educational institutions and poor students, organizing coaching classes for competitive examinations, health care, relief and rehabilitation, environmental promotion etc. ANTS Examination envisages to motivate students in the North Eastern states towards inculcating a competitive spirit.

Importance of ANTSE

ANTSE is a diagnostic test that purports to test how well a child has understood the fundamentals of the subjects taught in classes. Thus, it helps parents and teachers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the child in the basics. The preparation for ANTSE stimulates the thought process and helps the student to face new challenges. The preparation for ANTSE not only helps the students to test his mastery over his subjects taught in the class but also encourages him to acquire information and knowledge about the world around him. It awakens the students to the need of gleaning facts and information which in itself is an enjoyable pursuit and which also equips him to face the challenges of modern day entrance tests and competitive examinations. Following the suggestions of a cross section of intellectuals, advisors and well-wishers and considering the need for a proper orientation of the students pursuing study at the degree level towards competitive examinations, a new class for degree students has been added. Another change brought forward is a single class examination for Class XI and Class XII at the Higher Secondary level instead of two separate examinations for the above two classes.

From the Desk of Controller

The Ajmal National Talent Search Examination (ANTSE) has completed a decade. It has achieved phenomenal success over the years. From a few hundred students in the beginning , it has now attracted fifty thousand school and college students from across the state of Assam and other north eastern states . Every year the number of students sitting for the examination is growing and this positive trend is indicative of the quality and prestige of the examination. The ANTSE has been able to set a benchmark in quality.

Talent Search Examinations galore. But what sets ANTSE apart is its rural coverage and the opportunity it offers to the school students from class III to Class X as well to students of Higher Secondary and Degree classes for exposure to the emerging competitive ethos. The interest it has engendered among the school students, especially, the lower class students in the remote schools of the N.E. region is indeed a very healthy trend. Veering from the conventional examination pattern to a pattern that encourages self study , inquisitiveness and exploration in to the vast domain of knowledge and information is in itself a very enjoyable intellectual pursuit. The ANTSE facilitates the young learner’s appetite for intellectual acquisition.

In our endeavour to expand the ambit of the ANTSE we have been ably supported by our dynamic coordinators in different parts of the state . In fact it is mainly due to the interest and sincerity of our dedicated coordinators, headmasters and principals of schools and colleges that ANTSE is gaining popularity among the students.

At the ANTSE Headquarters we are making sincere efforts to improve the pattern, quality and the conduct of the examination.

The sincere and concerted effort of all the stake holders – students, teachers, the coordinators, the guardians and the organizers – towards making the examination better in every respect is solicited to bring about a positive change in the education scenario.

Let’s help our children explore the vast world of knowledge.



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