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Health Awareness Campaigns

AJMAL FOUNDATION has conducted many health awareness campaigns in the past to make the people aware of the various diseases, its causes and preventions. Some of them are as follows:

Anti Drug Campaign

A healthy nation denotes for its healthy people. When people get addicted to vices like drugs, its ruining impact does not limit to the consumer or his / her family and the society but also the nation and its economy, as a whole.Rich and affluent are the usual targets of the drug peddlers to gain from their illegal trade. But, the recent revelations that some school going children too are found addicted to drugs is alarming. Now, it is time to ponder over the issue on how to curtail and eliminate this dangerous practice of drug trafficking and drug consuming not only from the states of Assam, but also from the entire country.  AJMAL FOUNDATION has launched a State wide Mass Awareness Campaign about the menace of drug abuse in society, so that the upcoming generations of the youth can be saved from this impending danger.

Awareness on HIV/AIDS

India has been working very hard to eradicate HIV/AIDS which poses serious health challenges to a large population living in the country. However, there is a long way to go for an “AIDS Free India” as the country still has about 2.5 million people, aged between 15 and 49, estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS, the third largest in the world.

AJMAL FOUNDATION has left no stone unturned on its work on spreading awareness on HIV/AIDS. Every year, on the occasion of World Aids Day, we create various awareness programs in and around the state. The Ajmal Group of Colleges conduct awareness programs for its students and staffs on this occasion


Heavy, incessant rainfall in Assam has once again hit the state by the destructive floods and the condition is worsening with each passing day. The floods have claimed many lives so far and many have been displaced from their homes, losing their land, belongings and sources of livelihoods. More than 1 lakh families have been affected due to flood in different districts of Assam.

Ajmal Foundation has begun its flood relief work on an emergency basis with our teams working in the field in order to rehabilitate the affected masses to the best of our abilities. Our Relief team has already analyzed the immediate requirements of the flood victims are food and shelter. As the victims have been badly affected, we sincerely appeal for an urgent assistance for atleast 15000 families and request you to kindly extend a helping hand towards the poor flood affected victims of Assam.
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