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Ajmal Group of Institutions

The literacy rate and level of educational attainment of people are two key indicators of a countrys development. Literacy and level of education influence a persons daily life and help her/him perform a range of activities, which are not possible without the ability to read, write and communicate in the social sphere. Opportunities to get enrolled in a school or college can come to children only when it is available within a reasonable distance. Infrastructural bottlenecks and poor transport and communication, especially in rural areas including the Char and border areas, often make access to school difficult for children. Further, recurring floods, continuous erosion and difficult terrain in the hills also create barriers to access to school. Besides, a host of other factors such as poverty, frequent conflicts and violence, discrimination of diverse sorts, etc., also come in childrens way of accessing schools. AJMAL FOUNDATION has attributed utmost importance on expansion of modern education by establishing various educational institutions and launching multiple educational schemes & projects. Keeping in view the scarcity of quality educational institutions, AJMAL FOUNDATION has established 24 institutions, including B. Ed. College, Degree Colleges and Junior Colleges in different rural and underprivileged areas of Assam to cater to the needs of budding talents deprived from modern facilities. The various colleges which come under AJMAL GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS are as follows:


Heavy, incessant rainfall in Assam has once again hit the state by the destructive floods and the condition is worsening with each passing day. The floods have claimed many lives so far and many have been displaced from their homes, losing their land, belongings and sources of livelihoods. More than 1 lakh families have been affected due to flood in different districts of Assam.

Ajmal Foundation has begun its flood relief work on an emergency basis with our teams working in the field in order to rehabilitate the affected masses to the best of our abilities. Our Relief team has already analyzed the immediate requirements of the flood victims are food and shelter. As the victims have been badly affected, we sincerely appeal for an urgent assistance for atleast 15000 families and request you to kindly extend a helping hand towards the poor flood affected victims of Assam.
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