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Dialysis Treatment

Dialysis is one of the first technological innovations in medicine – and the only treatment that does not involve transplant, and yet allows a patient with end stage organ failure to live long, healthy and productive lives. Currently, about 2.4 million people are alive on dialysis worldwide. In India, dialysis is reserved for the very rich, or to those lucky enough to be eligible for full medical reimbursement. Everyone else faces crippling long term expenditure and descent into deep poverty. It is estimated that about 200,000 new patients develop end-stage kidney failure every year in India. Even though about 70-80% of them actually start dialysis, resource limitations force about two-thirds of the starters to withdraw and be condemned to death. Most of these patients are young, in the prime of their lives – family breadwinners or homemakers. Losing them has devastating impact not only on the families but brings down the productivity of entire society and reduces the national income.As the size of the middle class and people with “disposable incomes” has grown, the number of people seeking and staying on dialysis is increasing.

AJMAL FOUNDATION is involved with aiding the poor and needy patients, who are in urgent need of dialysis treatment. It provides monetary support on a regular basis to such patients. The affected patients are treated at Haji Abdul Majid Memorial hospital and Research Centre (HAMM RC), a part of AJMAL CSR, located in Hojai.

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