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Ajmal Cancer Care Scheme

AJMAL FOUNDATION setup an Ajmal Cancer Care Cell in 2016 in Guwahati to provide cancer care and adequate counselling among the patients and their kin. The cell continuously works to provide necessary help to the cancer patients of Assam and outside in order to create cancer awareness among the masses. As per recommendations of the cell, AJMAL FOUNDATION also provides financial aid to those cancer patients, who are financially weak and need treatment outside the state. A total of 70 patients have benefitted from this scheme so far.

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Why is it so urgent?

An estimated two-thirds of all cancers are preventable. Information and education are key to cancer prevention, early detection and to sound decision making about treatment options. It is important that we educate the masses on what their risks are based on the type of cancer and the stage of cancer. There are many poor and needy people who need financial support in order to treat the ailment.

How will we do it?

It is seen that many people suffer from cancer due to unawareness, mainly due to illiteracy. People from various sections of the society approach the AJMAL FOUNDATION for monetary support to treat cancer. AJMAL FOUNDATION receives applications from many needy patients from across the state of Assam and outside. Our organization maintains a data bank in order to study and take remedial actions on the affected people. Ajmal Cancer Care Cell frequently conducts awareness programs to spread knowledge on the deadly disease and also provides monetary support to the poor and needy patients. We, in collaboration with the TATA Medical Center, Kolkata are working together to aid the poor cancer patients. The affected people are shortlisted and selected by AJMAL FOUNDATION and send them to TATA Medical Center for further treatment.

Project Evaluation

Project Coordinators guide the family of the patients on how to utilize the funds received. They are provided with the knowledge on cancer, its causes and the ways to prevent it. The coordinators track each and every patient’s progress on a regular basis. Apart from this, we conduct awareness programs on a regular basis with different stakeholder groups; concerning community’s responsibility towards helping the backward sections of the society.


Successfully Recovered From The Cancer



Heavy, incessant rainfall in Assam has once again hit the state by the destructive floods and the condition is worsening with each passing day. The floods have claimed many lives so far and many have been displaced from their homes, losing their land, belongings and sources of livelihoods. More than 1 lakh families have been affected due to flood in different districts of Assam.

Ajmal Foundation has begun its flood relief work on an emergency basis with our teams working in the field in order to rehabilitate the affected masses to the best of our abilities. Our Relief team has already analyzed the immediate requirements of the flood victims are food and shelter. As the victims have been badly affected, we sincerely appeal for an urgent assistance for atleast 15000 families and request you to kindly extend a helping hand towards the poor flood affected victims of Assam.
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