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  • Haji Mofassil Ali Complex, Hojai, Assam – 782435
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  • Haji Mufossil Ali Complex, Dist: Nagaon, Hojai, Assam 782435
  • 03674 254 786

What we do

When we compare the economies, we come to realize the thin line of difference between developed and under developed economies. And when we talk about India it falls in the second category. One of the major contributors to the GDP of the country is the agricultural sector. Now when we talk about agriculture we talk about rural India. One gets to realize the real picture of our country, if he visits the rural part of our country, of which North-East is the most backward of them all. The reasons are many – poverty, illiteracy, social inequalities, disease, violence and other such events that haunts over present day society like an incubus driving to frenzied panic every sensitive in thinking and soul. The initiative taken by the glamour industry to promote rural India in their documentaries and high definition films has still not achieved any significant results or outcome. Many Organizations came up in the past years to bring about a socio-economic transformation of NE but has failed to achieve desired expectation. The task to bring about the change is now left to us. Off late, it is realized that if we want to bring about the change, we need to do it by ourselves. Our own people of North-East have to take the initiative to bring the desired socio-economic transformation that we are talking about. It is with this conviction and determination that AJMAL Foundation came into existence in 2005 to redefine and to bring about the desired change in the socio-economic development of NE and other parts of the country.


The journey of AJMAL Foundation starts with the desire of Honourable Haji Ajmal Ali, a visionary who started his journey from the paddy fields of Hojai, Assam and went ahead to attain status of international repute. AJMAL today is life style brand name in GCC and KSA. It was his dream to bring about the social and economic transformation in this neglected part of India which is called North-East. It is because of the desire of this noble person, that we stand here as a public charitable trust by the name AJMAL Foundation. The vision of a happy humanity will remain ever elusive and the true meaning and goal of our democracy will remain a far cry unless a determined effort is made to banish the scourge of poverty and illiteracy from our society. AJMAL Foundation has taken a small step in the direction of empowering the lowly and the under privileged to achieve a degree of confidence and respectability so that a new era of social progress is assured. Since its inception (2005), Ajmal Foundation has brought a lot of meticulous planning and hard work to bear on its activities and it will hardly be an exaggeration to add the punch line “Social work redefined to Ajmal Foundation”. The vision and the guidance of AJMAL brothers have played a key role in giving concrete shape to the project and their successful implementation. M. Badruddin Ajmal and Mr. Sirajuddin Ajmal despite their business preoccupation have found this organization a fit medium to translate their vision of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) into reality.

Today Ajmal Foundation puts all its efforts in the field of: